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  Fordson Major Tinwork          
  Description JEF Part number Reference only OEM Number price + p&p    
Air pre cleaner all majors J.0023 C5NN9A660A £16.00    
dome top early pre cleaner all majors J.0079 E1ADDN9680A £24.00    
oil bath air cleaner body power super major J.0117 E1ADDN18205B £54.20    
Super major fuel tank new J.0031 E1ADDN9002B N/A    
fuel tank diesel major new J.0043 E1ADDN9002C N/A    
Fuel tank cap all majors J.0032 81711548 £6.25    
Fuel tank brass tap all majors J.0044 D8NN9N024AA £12.00    
Super power major upper dash panel J.0033 E1ADDN11806 £52.00    
Super power major upper dash panel rubber seal J.0034        
  Major bonnet all majors J.0105 E1ADDN16615D, E1ADDN16616F £170.00    
Major bonnet no air cleaner hole J.0037 N/A £170.00    
bonnet catch bracket all majors J.0113 E1ADKN16757 £10.00    
bonnet lockdown assembly R/H all majors J.0097 E1ADKN16658 £9.20    
Boonnet catch bracket rear all majors J.0042 E1ADKN16773 £12.00    
Super major bonnet handle J.0086 DKN16644 £22.83    
  Power diesel major bonnet handle J.0087 E1ADDN1664A  E1ADKN16644 £19.51    
Bonnet lock down catch L/H all majors J.0038 E1ADKN16659 £9.00    
  Bonnet rubber and rivet set all majors J.0109 E1ADKN16740  E1ADKN8222 £20.00    
Major nose cone all majors J.0080 E1ADDN8203A £287.24    
radiator filler hose support bracket J.0110 N/A £16.50    
  Pair super major wings J.0050 R/H E1ADDN16312B  L/H E1ADDN16313E £270.00    
  Diesel power major wings J.0055 R/H E1ADKN16312B   L/H E1ADKN16313B £245.00    
Power diesel major brake drum covers new J.0035 E27N2774B £60.00    
  seat pan super major type J.0082 C5NN400AE 957E400A/C £49.00    
 super major seat bracket J.0112 957E442A £48.00    
Fordson seat cushion set blue orange J.0047 N/A £42.00    
  Super major footplates L/H R/H J.0073 E1ADDN16450A   E1ADDN16451A £67.40    
  foot plate L/R hand set diesel power major J.0067 E1ADKN16472   E1ADKN16473 £70.00    
  footstep over axle early diesel major J.0074 E1ADDN16486   E1ADDN16487 £18.00    
Toolobox wing mounted J.0076 C5NN1700SF £38.47    
Toolbox all majors J.0077 N/A £34.11    
PTO guard all majors J.0089 E1ADDN7470A £74.27    
Number plate light assy all majors J.0108 E1ADKN1344C £40.00    
Rear wheel rim 38 inch 8 loops NP major type J.0078 N/A £338.00    
  Major repro 19 inch steel wheel drilled for weights, takes 600 x 19 tyre J.0022 E6NN1007BA £65.00    
  Fordson Major Engine Parts          
Engine Kit 57/61 1.375 gudgeon pin single o ring J.0051 N/A £330.00    
Engine Kit 61/64 1.375 gudgeon pin single o ring J.0052 N/A £255.00    
Engine kit 52/57 1.25 gudgeon pin J.0070 N/A £298.00    
  Piston ring set one cylinder J.0131 510E6148A, 81814624, 87295205, E1ADKN6150C, E1ADKN6152C £12.00    
  piston only 1.25 gudgeon pin 3.936 bore J.0053 E1ADDN6102G   E1ADDN6110J £48.00    
piston liner ring set single seal J.0056 N/A £55.00    
piston liner ring set double seal J.0057 N/A £70.00    
Valve guide all majors J.0058 E1ADDN6510A £3.17    
Inlet valve all majors J.0059 E1ADDN6507 £5.00    
Exhaust valve all majors J.0060 E1ADDN6505A £8.50    
Exhaust valve all majors early engine J.0061 81538372 £8.50    
  valve stem seal 8 off J.0114 81710835 EOT86571C £4.20    
Original type oils pressure switch J.0018 E1ADDN9278 £10.00    
Oil presseure switch spade connector J.0019   £17.00    
Major exhaust elbow J0006   £28.00    
Exhaust elbow gasket J.0122        
Early major exhaust manifold in line holes J.0075   £82.71    
Major exhaust manifold staggered holes J.0123        
Inline exhaust gasket early major J.0081   £5.00    
Exhaust gasket staggered holes J.0049   £5.20    
Fordson major head gasket J.0045   £18.00    
Fordson all majors head gasket set J.0046   £35.00    
Fordson major starter ring gear all majors J.0027   £75.00    
Early major rocker gasket J.0100   £6.00    
Major rocker gasket with screw holes J.0101   £5.50    
  Fordson Fuel Components          
Major injector pump diaphragm J0009   £20.00    
Major fuel filter paper type J0010   £4.50    
Glass fuel lift pump bowl J.0012   £6.00    
Glass fuel lift pump bowl J.0013   £7.50    
Glass fuel lift pump bowl washer seal J.0014   £2.20    
Super major fuel lift pump metal body J.0028   £38.00    
Fuel lift repair kit all majors J.0029   £13.50    
Cold start button rubber super major J.0030   £5.50    
Injector pump drive pad J.0048   £12.00    
injector pump coupling assembly with drive pad J.0098   £60.84    
injector pipes all models J.0104   £30.75    
  Fordson Major Clocks Switches Lights e.t.c          
Engine Stop Cable (2100mm) RED KNOB J 0002   £15.00    
Super power Major voltage control box alli body  J.0011   £30.00    
11 Amp dynamo all majors J.0016   £55.00    
Push button starter solenoid all majors J.0017   £25.00    
Tacho drive cable 1250lg 5/8 x 7/8 ends J.0020   £15.00    
headlamp grill mounted super major J.0063   £20.00    
Headlamp L/H all majors J.0064   £20.00    
Headlamp R/H all majors J.0065   £20.00    
super major temp gauge J.0071   £33.50    
Super major tacho J.0072   £38.00    
Starter motor rubber boot all major J.0102   £13.75    
oil pressure gauge as original diesel major J.0115   £17.00    
water temp gauge as original diesel major J.0116   £22.00    
HD battery all majors J.0121   £90.00    
  Fordson major brake Parts          
Retaining Spring Clip for Dual Cat Ball J0004   £2.00    
Disk brake linning kit with rivets J0005   £30.00    
Super major brake rubber seal J.0021   £6.50    
Hand brake ratchet all majors J.0036   £28.00    
Brake expander super major J.0066   £70.00    
brake cable R/H Diesel power major J.0068   £48.00    
brake cable L/H Diesel power major J.0069   £53.89    
Power Diesel major brake shoes 4 set J.0085   £110.41    
Brake pedal spring super major only J.0093   £8.50    
Brake pedal spring diesel power major only J.0094   £8.70    
Brake shoe adjuster spring power diesel major J.0095   £4.20    
  Brake shoe spring kit and retainer washer diesel power major J.0096   £20.00    
brake spring retaining washer J.0103   £1.20    
  Fordson major Linkage Parts          
Lower Link Ball Retaining Clip J 0003   £2.00    
Lower link ball duel cat plus clip J.0008   £8.00    
Stabilizer turn buckle all majors J.0015   £8.50    
leveling box assy  diesel power major J.0106   £170.00    
leveling box assy fixed side diesel power major J.0107   £125.50    
Super major check chains fits all majors type A J.0119   £35.00    
  Fordson Major Cooling          
74 DEG thermostat all majors J.0024 D8NN857AA £6.00    
Radiator cap all majors 4LB J.0062 81711544 £6.40    
Radiator cap no spring J.0126 81711548      
radiator all majors side mounting tabs J.0083 E1ADKN800SE £215.00    
Radiater super major J.0111 E1ADDN8005C £200.00    
Radiator Hoses all majors J.0124        
water pump all majors J.0125 E1ADKN8501B      
Fan Belt J.0127 E1ADKN8620C      
  Fordson Major Steering Parts          
coned rear wheel nut 3/4 unf major J.0001 D3NN1120B £3.62    
Major rear wheel stud 3/4 UNF x 2 5/16 J.0007 C5NN1N118J £3.00    
Conical wheel nut washer rear wheel all majors J.0128 BBE1150      
Track rod assy steering box to axle 1155 LONG J.0025   £65.00    
fordson major hardened steering box roller J.0026 E1ADKN3572 £6.00    
Wheel hub for steel wheels all majors J.0039   £52.00    
Front wheel stud all majors J.0040   £2.10    
Front cone wheel nur 1/2 unf J.0041   £1.20    
steering column shaft 610mm long Diesel major J.0054 E1ADKN3524B £110.00    
steering column shaft 610mm long power super J.0130 E1ADDN3524      
Steering pin and bush all majors J.0099   £15.79    
Steering wheel all majors J.0129 E1ADKN3600A      
weld on track rod end 15/16 dia rod J.0120   £16.60    
  Fordson Major Misc Parts          
air inlet hose all majors J.0084   £19.00    
Gear knob all majors 3/8 UNF J.0088   £4.00    
major half shaft seal assy outer seal all majors J.0090   £15.00    
Clutch spring diesel power major J.0091   £6.50    
Clutch spring super major J.0092   £6.30    
Gear lever all majors J.0118   £62.20    



Collection welcome please phone or e Mail, if ordering more than one item please enquire for postage discounts.

When ordering please ensure that you have full details of spares required, also with tractor original chassis number if  required. Chassis plate is fixed to bulkhead in battery box.


 Claims for goods damaged in post or for shortages against invoice must be submitted in writing within 7 days of receipt of goods.


 Goods supplied in accordance with a customerís order and subsequently returned will only be accepted if our   permission has been obtained.  A handling charge may be deducted.


 Until customer has made payment in full we retain title to goods supplied.


 All new goods are guaranteed against defects arising from faulty materials or workmanship.  The guarantee is limited to the replacement of the faulty part and is not extended to defects caused by improper fitting, misuse, neglect, accident or wear and tear.


 All goods are sold on the understanding that we cannot accept any liability for consequential damage, loss or personal injury as a result of the use of our products nor can we undertake to bear the cost of any work in refitting a new as required part.


 All parts to be fitted as for original manufactures instructions. If there is any uncertainty about the correct fitting of any item then the services of a specialist must be used


  Manufacturers part numbers used for reference purposes only and are a guide only Please note that range of parts available is subject to change, as parts become available or stocks exhausted

 E-mail or phone for orders or any problems that you may have.

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