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We can now supply all the bits and bobs that you always run out of when renovating a tractor or just pottering around in the garage/workshop.

Special Deals

  Code Postage and Packaging must be added to all items unless collected.
    Each Per Pack of 10
Safety Glasses 868628 £1.80 £16.00
Yellow Gripper Gloves 349760 £1.20 £10.00
Leather Rigger Gloves HC801   £1.00 £9.00
Red PVC  Work Gloves 447137 £1.00 £9.00
Welding Glove Red 282389 £3.50 £30.00
Hi Vize Jackets 868572 £16.00 ---
2 Tonne Pulley Blocks 868962   £40.00 ---
Bi Metal Hacksaw Blades 793740 £1.10 £10.00
Engineers Files 656572 call for price and type ---
Soft Hand Brushes 277870 £1.00 ---
230mm metal Grinding Disc 103642 £1.90 £18.00
230mm metal Thin Slitting Disc 103667   £1.10 £10.00
Wire Cup Brush 14mm thread 65mm 778649 £3.50 N/A
80mm 675339 £5.00
100mm 303859 £9.00
'O' Ring Sets                  Wide set of 'O'rings from 6mm to 58mm in an organiser case - 400 plus pieces 675247   £8.00 + p&p

Nylon Cable Ties             1000 pieces assorted sizes 100mm, 200mm and 300mm  (Black & White)

    £10.00 + p&p
Spanners sockets sets and singles supplied all sizes call or mail for price    
230mm x 6mm x 22,2 Depressed centre grinding disk   £7.00 pack of 5  
115mm x 6mm x 22,2 Depressed centre grinding disk   £7.00 pack of 10
125mm x 6mm 22.2   Depressed centre grinding disk   £7.00 pack of 10
115mm x 2mm x 22,2 flat thin cutting disk for steel   £4.60 pack of 10
230mm x 2mm x 22.2 flat thin cutting disk for steel   £6.00 pack of 5  
DA sanding discs 115 dia self adhesive Alu Oxide, 60, 80, 120 grit £2.80 pack of 10
Wire cup Brushes M14 thread use with angle grinder single knot   £3.00 each  
Wire cup Brushes M14 thread use with angle grinder double row knot £9.00 each  
Rigger work gloves one size leather palms and fingers     £0.90 pack of 100
Welders gauntlets red leather conforms to EU PPE directive 89/686/EEC £3.95 pair  
latex gloves large           £6.00 pack of 100
kevlar gloves for handleing sheet steel etc one size     £7.00 per pair  
Hi Viz Coat stitched and taped water proof seams          
conforms to EN471 class111 quilted linning 2 way zipper M,L,XL sizes £18.00 each  
white disposable overalls zip front elastic cuffs and hood all sizes   £1.70 each  
ear defenders and earplugs ask for price stating requirement        
wrap around safety glasses conforms to EN166     £16.00 pack of 10

Further items can be viewed on to order please email or phone us with part number for items required don't forget to ask if any special prices are available. 


Note:  There is a 3 year warranty on power tools.


Postage and Packaging is not included in the above prices.



When ordering please ensure that you have full details of spares required, also with tractor original chassis number if   required. Chassis plate is fixed to fuel tank.


 Claims for goods damaged in post or for shortages against invoice must be submitted in writing within 7 days of receipt of goods.


 Goods supplied in accordance with a customerís order and subsequently returned will only be accepted if our   permission has been obtained.  A handling charge may be deducted.


 Until customer has made payment in full we retain title to goods supplied.


 All new goods are guaranteed against defects arising from faulty materials or workmanship.  The guarantee is limited to the replacement of the faulty part and is not extended to defects caused by improper fitting, misuse, neglect, accident or wear and tear.


 All goods are sold on the understanding that we cannot accept any liability for consequential damage, loss or personal injury as a result of the use of our products nor can we undertake to bear the cost of any work in refitting a new as required part.


 All parts to be fitted as for original manufactures instructions. If there is any uncertainty about the correct fitting of any item then the services of a specialist must be used


  Manufacturers part numbers used for reference purposes only and are a guide only Please note that range of parts available is subject to change, as parts become available or stocks exhausted

 E-mail or phone for orders or any problems that you may have.

 Sorry we do not accept credit cards or debit cards. Please make cheques payable to

 J E Fletcher


Delivery 7-10 days from receipt of payment of order.